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Asta Lynge, Jakob Ohrt & coyote

Storyteller, Talker




ISBN: 978-87-974599-4-2


34 pages

200 x 280 mm

Edition of 200


Storyteller, Talker comprises two scripts; one formatted for screen and another for theater, centering around a cowboy character developed in collaboration with actor Jonas Bergen Rahmanzadeh. Both scripts work with the temporality and conventions inherent to these formats as they were composed after both the completion of the film ‘Storyteller, world maker’ (2019) and the event of the performance lecture ‘Storyteller, world maker - Talker’ (2022) that took place at Stockholm School of Economics. They are ‘transcribed scripts’ reclaiming the fiction and with it, the possibility for restaging.

The cowboy character embodies tropes of late-capitalism; pathos and pseudo philanthropy delivered as a pitch to a camera and a lecture to students. With narrative as a sales point and greenwashing as a means of profit, ethical consumption, good intentions and a savior syndrome he represents the mechanisms of today’s economy. Throughout both scripts a series of footnotes expands on the history of selected brands as additional reading, juxtaposing actual business models to the ones suggested by the cowboy character as a factual meta-layer. This publication can be seen as the latest addition to the ongoing project initiated by Lynge and Ohrt in 2018 spanning film, installation, print and performance works. The work has been exhibited in various contexts in Denmark and abroad

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