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Henning Lundkvist





ISBN: 978-87-974599-0-4


64 pages

110 x 178 mm

Edition of 300


"Columns" is a 60-pages-long narrative based on scripts from several years of performances and readings, largely centred around an artist-writer who after squeezing through "the compulsory kissing-on-the-cheeks in the hallway" is trapped at an opening seemingly devoid of art and, more shockingly, drinks. Still obsessed with many of the themes from his blockbuster novel "Planned Obsolescence - A Retrospective", in "Columns" too the author delivers a ranting monologue of sorts, where once again the writer – still with great velocity and little attention to correct grammar and punctuation - speeds through drafty echo chambers of artistic integrity, cultural capital and decay in order to portray a time not only out of joint, but now also out of drinks. 

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